Welcome to Humanity at Heart’s web page.
We are a small charity, based in Hassocks, West Sussex, whose main focus of work is in Romania. We work alongside our Romanian partners to improve the lives of the very poorest members of society, in particular children and the elderly.

Despite its acceptance into the EU, there are many people in Romania who live in desperate need, and this is why we are committed to continuing our work there.

Our main project is in Petrosani, an old mining town in the Romanian mountains, where closure of the mines has led to massive economic and social poverty.  We fund a community centre there called the Joshua Centre,  which reaches out to those living in an area called “The Colony”.  We believe that building community, and helping people to help themselves has greater value than merely giving aid.  Through the wide and varied program at  our centre, we hope to improve the lives of the people of the Colony in the long term.

For more information, plus updates on how our projects are running, or to donate via Paypal, please see our blog........


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